About Hrazu


Magician Razu (5th September 1994) is a Bangladeshi magician, illusionist and endurance artist. He is one of the youngest magicians in Bangladesh. His full name Sajedur Rahman Razeeb known as Hrazu. He is born in Faridpur district in Dhaka division. In addition to the magic, he can draw pictures, act and play the flute well. He contributes to various social activities.

  • Born and Educational life

He was born on 5th September 1994 in a Muslim cultured family in Faridpur district in the Dhaka division. His father’s name is AbulKalam Azad, is a transport Businessman and mother ShahanajKalam, is a housewife. He has one sister and one brother. He is the middle of the sibling.

In his early life, he studied at a Christian Missionary School named Baptist Church Mission. He completed S.S.C in 2009 from FaridpurZilla School. Then he admitted Queen’s collage, Dhaka and complete H.S.C 2011. He completes BSc in microbiology from Stamford University 2018, and completed MBA 2020.

  • Career

When Hrazu was six years old, he went to the local fair with his mother. At one end of the fair, he saw a gathering of some people and told his mother to take me there. When he got there, he saw a magician performing magic. The audience is enjoying the magic and clapping. Since that day he promises himself, one day he will also show magic and give joy to people, that was the first magic show of his life. In childhood, Hrazu saw different David Blaine`s TV show at the AXN channel. He is a big fan of David Blaine and greatly inspired by his stunts. Ever since then he has dreamed of becoming a big magician. There are many young magicians in Bangladesh and he is one of them. He has many clients at home and abroad companies.

  • Stunts

Hrazu knows different kinds of magic. Close-up magic is one of them. Also know stage magic, street magic etc.

This talented Bangladeshi magician has gained a lot of popularity not only the country but also at the international level. According to him, a magician means an actor and magic for all ages and everyone.

  • Shows & rewards

He has participated in many TV programs, “Think in magic” is one of them in SA TV on June 2, 2019.

On Dec 28, 2018, he received the award “Jadhukor“, EP-26  on myTV Bangladesh.

  • Personal life:

Hrazu is a very ordinary person.He is currently single. He is not only an expert in magic but he is also a good painter, actor, can play the flute and can cook a variety of delicious food.

  • Social work

He supports charity organizations and performing on their donation events. Moreover, he has involved in various social activities.